To be the most successful financial  institution in Malawi with a
 visible presence in Southern Africa.

Mission Statement

To provide the best financial services in Malawi and the region, distinguished by outstanding service, product innovation and sustained earnings growth.

Letters of Guarantee And Business Loans/Overdrafts

No. Item CHARGE  2015
19 Letters of Guarantee 
Shipping Guarantee 1% per 6 months thereafter 1.5% for each 6 months Min. K32,800
Bonds/Other Guarantees 1% per 6 months, Min. K38,750
Advance Working Capital Bonds Performance Bonds 1.5% per 6 months, Min.K38,750
Guarantees executed under company seal 1.5% per 6 months,Min. K29,650
Inward Bank Guarantee 1.5% per 6 months, Min. K12,000






Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Facilities



Corporate Banking Facilities

Arrangement Fees 1.5% on amounts up to K6 mio Min. K27,850 1% on amounts above K6 mio
Appraisal Fees K33,000

Arrangement Fees


Appraisal Fees

1.5% on amounts up to K10 million. Min K126,000. 1% on amounts above K10 million
Negotiable Min. K63,000