To be the most successful financial  institution in Malawi with a
 visible presence in Southern Africa.

Mission Statement

To provide the best financial services in Malawi and the region, distinguished by outstanding service, product innovation and sustained earnings growth.

Bills Charges – Sundry And Drafts And Transfers

No. Item CHARGE  2015
13 Bills Charges – Sundry
Delays on Acceptance K20,000 per week
Payments to Local Third Party 0.5% Min.K6,150 Max.K15,150
Noting USD50 plus costs (recoverable from remitting bank)
Release of Parcel Slip K12,300 per release
14 Drafts And Transfers
Local – Outward Commission (To any Bank within Malawi other than NBM Branches) 0.5% Min. K2,000, Max K14,650
Swift (within Malawi) K10,750 flat
Malswitch Processing fee K1,260 per entry
Foreign  -  Outward Commission 1%Min. K4,750, Max. K18,900
Postage K2,350
Swift K10,900
MT 110 K4500
MT 112 K4500
Replacement Draft (customer request) 1% Min. K10,100
Foreign Inward Commission

1% Min. K2,100,Max. K14,700