To be the most successful financial  institution in Malawi with a
 visible presence in Southern Africa.

Mission Statement

To provide the best financial services in Malawi and the region, distinguished by outstanding service, product innovation and sustained earnings growth.

Exchange Control & Travellers Cheques Purchases And Foreign Cheque Purchases & Foreign Notes Sales & Purchases

No. Item CHARGE  2015
5 Exchange Control
Application – Local K2,550
Application - RBM K14,550
Application Prepayment (New) K2,700
Penalty EC Charge (New) K12,600
CD1 Forms Customer processed/bank submission to RBM K1,260
Customer processed/copy collected at bank (New) K3,150
Reconciliation (formal introduction into tariff book) K14,550
Amendment K3,150
Bank Processed K3,150
Confirmation of export of goods less than USD5000 K6,300
6 Travellers Cheques Purchases and Foreign Cheque Purchases Purchase 1% Min.K2,100,  Max. K20,550
Postage K2,650flat
Cash Passport Card cost- New USD10
Sale 1% Min. K2,750
Purchase 1%, Min. K1,700, Max. K17,100
Additional card fee (Mastercard) USD5
Reload fee (Mastercard) USD2/ EUR 1.50
Foreign Notes Sales & Purchases Commission 


1% Min. K3,100, Max. K31,000
Purchases No charge
Sales Against FCDA Balances 1% flat