To be the most successful financial  institution in Malawi with a
 visible presence in Southern Africa.

Mission Statement

To provide the best financial services in Malawi and the region, distinguished by outstanding service, product innovation and sustained earnings growth.

Exchange Control & Treasury Operations

No. Item CHARGE  2015
7 Exchange Control
Local – Outward Commission (To any Bank within Malawi other than NBM Service Centres) 1% Min. K1,950, Max K14,550
Swift (within Malawi) K10,600 Flat
Transfer-ATS K8,000
Malswitch Processing fee K1,260 per entry
Foreign – Outward Commission 1% Min. K4,050, Max. K16,150
Postage K2,350
Swift K10,850
MT 110 K4,500
MT 112 K4,500
Replacement Draft (Customers Request) 1%, Min. K10,000
Foreign Inward Commission 1%, Min.K1,950, Max. K14,750
8 Treasury Operations Transfer from FCDA to Current, Account (MK) with another Bank Transfer cost 1%, Min. K2,050, Max. K14,550
MITASS - Transfers up to 3 pm K7,850
MITASS - Transfers after 3 pm at customers request K19,550
Payment (via Swift instructions) from Vostro account Transaction Cost 1%, Min. K1550, Max. K11200

Transfer from FCDA to Current Account maintained with NBM

Swif to foreign payments for Malawi Kwacha Account

Processing Cost

No Charge


No Charge

Transfer from FCDA to other banks in foreign currency



Processing of Salaries



Processing of other transactions







Swift Message USD20
Dishonoured Foreign Cheques USD60 or its equivalent plus Agent Bank charges
Returning Funds Processing Cost USD36 or its equivalent
Swift Message USD20  per message 
Postage on foreign cheques deposited  to FCDA’s (bureaus only) USD30 per deposit
Certificate of Balances commission USD36
Copy Statement same year USD10
1 to 2 years USD36
over 2 years  to 7yrs USD60
Investigation Beyond 6 Months USD60 per request
Account closure USD30