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MO626 College Basketball Returns

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National Bank of Malawi has announced that this year’s Mo626 Basketball will be launched on 3rd November in Lilongwe at Bunda College

The bank also hinted that the sponsorship of the tournament might be doubled from the current K30 million.

NBM Head of Strategy, Marketing and Corporate Affairs, Wilkins Mijiga disclosed this at a press release that was held at NBM Towers.

“We are delightful to be back because this is a great partnership. Our return coincides with the Celebrations of Mo626 which has clocked 10 years and basketball is a platform to convey such message.”

“Mo626 is about high technology and students are digital natives. In our three year memorandum of understanding, there is an exit clause but we have opted to return bigger and better because of the great partnership. The package will be more than doubled.’’

BASMAL President Hamlet Kamtengeni said they are targeting 32 teams in the competition that could run for five months.

‘’This is a true partnership and it is rare, this platform will provide a good forum for students to hone their skills and their fitness. Bright brains perform better when engaged in activities.’’ He said