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MO626 Basketball Purse Doubled

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MO626 Basketball Purse Doubled

National Bank of Malawi (NBM) has doubled this year’s Mo626 College Basketball Sponsorship to K62 million from K30million last year.

This was announced during the launch of the 2018/19 tournament at Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources Bunda Campus in Lilongwe.

NBM General Manager, Harold Jiya, said the bank was happy with the conduct of students in last year’s competition, hence the increment.

‘’As a demonstration of our pressure and commitment, the bank is pleased to announce the increase of its investments in the college basketball from 30 million to 62 million. This investment has been divided into k35 million to direct sponsorship into the tournaments activities and the balance (of K27million) into supporting activities of the tournament like advertising, brand activation and other logistics.’’

‘’We want to be part and parcel of the national development by promoting basketball. We want to help in the grooming of the country’s future citizens. We believe that when students engage in sports, they become proactive and this helps them to become good economic agents. Ultimately, they will be good customers for our bank.’’ he said

Jiya said as mo626 clocks 10 years, the bank considers the tournament as one of the best initiatives to promote it.

‘’We are back in a bigger way because we know that students are digital natives. This is also a chance for them to showcase their skills through basketball.’’ He added.

Basketball association of Malawi president hamlet Kantengeni hailed the bank for increasing the sponsorship. Kantengeni said the hike is an indication of the trust and confidence that the bank has in the association.

‘’The bank has done something special to us. Since it started sponsoring the competition last year, we have observed the college teams playing good basketball. This is enough testimony that the sponsorship has made great impact on the game’’. He said

At least 32 teams are expected to compete in this year’s tournament which will run for five months.