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Speech by the CEO at the Presentation of the UNIMA Best Student awards

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  • The Vice  Chancellor, Professor John Kalenga Saka
  • The Principal of the Polytechnic, Prof. Grant Kululanga
  • Principals, Deans, Heads of Departments, all teaching and administrative staff
  • Members of the management team from National Bank of Malawi
  • Parents and Guardians of our Awardees
  • Awardees and Students
  • Distinguished ladies and gentlemen

Mr Vice Chancellor, my team and I are excited that today we have another opportunity of coming back to the University of Malawi to celebrate the University’s achievements through the Best Student Awards.

The Best Student Awards are an annual event for National Bank as the Bank believes that recognizing efforts is more highly valued than even money.
The recognition increases one’s level of self-confidence and brings a sense of accomplishment and attracts respect among the peer group. Such a feeling of accomplishment may carry forward throughout one’s life and ultimately improve our world as a whole.

I therefore congratulate all the winners of the Awards on their outstanding achievements and remarkable personal growth. I have no doubt that every one of you will excel in your future roles and contribute to the future well-being of your society, our nation.

At National Bank, Vice Chancellor, Ladies and gentlemen, we have made significant investments and will continue to do so especially in the area of developing human capital of the country. This includes support to scholarships to needy college students, investment in our own staff through academic as well as professional and career development support and most importantly through promoting excellence in colleges and universities, the very reason we are here today to present the Best Student Awards at the University of Malawi.


The Bank strongly believes that it is only through the promotion of diligent pursuit of excellence by every citizen at all levels of society that Malawi as a country can achieve success and progress.

The esteemed Awardees in front of us are a manifestation of what happens when people apply themselves towards the pursuit of excellence.  They get recognition and being recognized for achievement is the greatest reward that any person worth self-respect and honour yearns for.  In the process of the pursuit for excellence great fruits are born for both the doer and the society at large.

In the realm of academia, great inventions, discoveries and innovations that change the world have been born out of men and women who apply themselves in search of excellence.

Universities are oasis of knowledge, understanding and discovery.  And research is an integral and critical part of any university worth its credibility.  The Bank is therefore expecting that our universities will double their energies in the areas of research in order to bring to our community new body of knowledge that will help change our society for the better.

It is the pleasure of the Bank to be associated with this great university for a very long time and we can only pray that our partnership and coordination will thrive as we look to the future.

Let me take this opportunity to thank Professor Kululanga for your custom and being a wonderful host.

Once again I say congratulations to the recipients of the 2018 National Bank of Malawi Best Student Awards.  Each one of them has received a Visa Debit Card loaded with an equivalent of their annual fees. 

Please do not bother your parents and guardians for your next fees as the Bank has bailed you out, thanks to your hard work.
As for those of you who almost but did not make it for the Awards, we encourage you to apply yourselves with total dedication and commitment, tomorrow may be your chance.

My piece of advice today to all students is that this is your time to shine!  By securing a place in the university you are equipped and empowered with everything you need to make your life meaningful. 

Please understand that the only limitations you have are the limitations you place on yourself.  You have the ability to rise higher, overcome every obstacle, and experience greatness! 

Last but not least, let me pay tribute to parents, guardians, principals, support staff and lecturers for the concerted efforts and support in enhancing development of these young ladies and men, grooming them for future leadership, and most of all, in raising these fine young persons with a benevolent mind. Your responsibility towards these young people is admired and congratulated.


I now call upon the Vie Chancellor Professor Saka to receive a dummy cheque for K5.0 million representing the total of the Awards we have presented this afternoon.

I thank you for your attention, God bless you.