To be the most successful financial institution in Malawi with international visible presence.

Mission Statement

To provide the best financial services in Malawi and internationally, distinguished by outstanding service, product innovation and sustained earning.


The BankNet Online Big Idea

BankNet Online people are inspired by the idea of being always and everywhere in touch with their money.

Internet Banking

Freedom Unlimited
BankNet Online is the brand name of National Bank of Malawi's Internet banking service. With BankNet Online, you as a National Bank customer can enjoy around- the-clock, fully-fledged and unlimited access to your account from any corner of the globe, as long as you can have access to the Internet.
To log in simply go to the BankNet Online website as follows:  www.banknet.co.mw
Using Bank Net Online, you enjoy a wholesome and unique package of world-class services, exclusive to National Bank of Malawi as follows:
  • Access your accounts information including balance from anywhere at any time
  • Manage Online subsidiary or trustee accounts.
  • Print your accounts statements anytime.
  •  Make inter-account and third party payments
  • Pay utility bills online and anytime
  • Establish Fixed Deposit contracts online
  • Issue various instructions using secure messaging option
  • Export data to other Windows operating environments such as Excel
  • Order cheque books
  • Add and maintain beneficiaries
  • Effect stop payment on cheques.


BankNet Online is available to all National Bank of Malawi account holders so that they can enjoy the best value and banking services in the market.

Emotional Benefit

Freedom, complete peace of mind and total delight.

Functional Benefits

Convenient, Secure, Fast, Flexible, and value for money.

How to get registered

  • Visit any National Bank Service Centre and complete the BankNet application form. Alternatively you can download the application form from the bank’s website, www.banknet.co.mw. Complete and then drop the form at your nearest National Bank Service Centre
  • All required information must be properly and clearly filled without alterations to avoid delays in registering you
  • Answers to security questions on the application form must be remembered at all times as failure to answer security questions will lead to delayed and unsatisfactory service rendered by the bank’s staff.


BankNet Online has the following comprehensive and advanced security features:
  • Digital certificate and fire walls
  • Unique user identification number
  • Use of password and its attendant protocols
  • The secret: use of a 6 to 10 character alpha numeric secret code by Customers
  • Customers must take note that National Bank of Malawi will never request for confirmation of details from BankNet Online clients.

Requirements to access BankNet Online

  • An account with National Bank of Malawi
  • Internet access.

Why have BankNet Online?

  • The coolest thing in town. The very incarnation of modernity and fashion trendy and ahead of time
  • In touch with your money 24/7 plus 365 around the clock and around the globe
  • Freedom Unlimited and you will simply enjoy peace of mind that makes you relax
  • Outstanding innovation from the people that pioneered banking in Malawi
  • Great Fun, Liberation from having to plan your life around banking hours.