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Visa Debit Card

What is an NBM Visa Debit Card

It is a Bank card which customers use for the following services:
  1. Purchase goods and services using a Point of Sale (POS) terminal displaying the Visa symbol located at designated merchants throughout the country (local) and beyond (international).
  2. Drawing cash from any Visa branded ATM

Types Of Visa Cards

The following types of Visa cards are available:
Card Type
Limit US$
Limit US$ (POS)
Visa Electron
Visa Classic
Visa Gold
Visa Platinum


  • No prior loading of the card is required as the transactions will automatically debit your account online
  • No need to carry cash around
  • You can only spend money that you have in your account
  • You can use card to withdraw cash from any Visa Branded ATMs
  • You can use your card (Classic, Gold and Platinum) abroad
  • If your card is lost, it can be replaced as opposed to cash which cannot be replaced once lost


  • Your card is PIN protected
  • Entering your PIN instead of simply signing a receipt makes it even more secure

How to Use your Card

  • Visit a shop where Visa sign logo is shown
  • When paying for your purchase, hand the cashier your Visa card instead of cash
  • Your card will be inserted/swiped through a card reader either by yourself or the cashier
  • After checking, verifying the amount, enter your PIN (Personal Identification Number) discreetly - this is the same PIN you use at the ATM
  • The machine will then verify the PIN
  • The bank will approve transaction only if there is enough money in your Bank account
  • You will be given a receipt for your purchase
  • It is easy, fast way to pay for goods and services. No queues.

Important Tips

  • Please memorise your PIN and destroy slip immediately.
  • Never write it down or let anyone else use it
  • Never share your PIN with anyone else or let anyone else enter it for you
  • Never disclose it to anyone even to Bank staff or the Police
  • If you think someone may have discovered your PIN, you should change it at any NBM ATM immediately. Never use a PIN which can be guessed easily e.g. year of birth etc.
  • Your PIN should be entered discreetly and always shield it from view.


This facility enables a client to withdraw funds in Malawi Kwacha on NBM ATMs using any card branded with the Visa Logo or Plus mark.

What are the benefits?

  • Fast and flexible.
  • 24 hour access to encashment.
  • Easy and convenient.
  • The ATM limit will depend on the limit set on the card by the issuer.

Is this service secure?

The client will access his/her foreign currency account through his/her PIN code which is immediately verified electronically.

Who is this service mainly for?

VISA card holders. 

Using your Card Abroad

  • Your new card (Classic, Gold and Platinum only) will work overseas. Most countries will ask you to enter your     PIN although some may simply swipe and ask you to sign the receipt. You must therefore know and memorise your PIN when you travel abroad
  • It is much safer to use your Debit card when you are travelling as opposed to carrying cash. Your card will be accepted at more than 18 million places around the world. Just look for the Visa sign logo
  • When you use your card abroad, there will be a transaction fee charged and this will appear on your bank statement. Transaction fee varies from bank to bank
  • Daily ATM withdrawal limits also vary from bank to bank
  • Please note that Visa Electron card holders will continue to use Cash Passports when they travel abroad while Classic, Gold and Platinum card holders will use the Visa Debit card.

Important Information

Travelling abroad

  • Call at your service centre to arrange foreign exchange
  • After completion of all exchange control formalities, your Visa Debit card will be activated to enable you access the forex when you are abroad

Lost Card

  • Prevent use of the Card by immediately reporting loss to your bank by phoning National Bank of Malawi Call Centre number appearing at the back of the card
  • Report the lost card to the Police
  • A replacement card will be issued

Call Centre

  • Enquiries to be directed to the Call Centre number : +265 1 831 485
  • The Call Centre operates from 8.00am to 8.00pm - Monday to Saturday. 8.00am to 1.00pm - Sunday and public holidays


All personal and partnership account holders.