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NBM Urges Support for Young ICT Entrepreneurs

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National bank of Malawi plc has urged financial institutions to support young local information and communications technology (ICT) innovations to help them bring out their talent and develop the country.

NBM plc Chief Executive officer Macfussy Kawawa said this during the information and communications technology association of Malawi ICTAM annual lakeshore conference where the Malawi Stock exchange listed bank awarded the best ICT innovators.

He said Malawi needs innovative thinkers to solve a number of challenges rocking the country and accelerate the country’s development

“Therefore, let me ask companies and individuals to use whatever recourses they have to support our own young entrepreneurs in the ICT sector to exploit the talents’’ Kawasa said

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He said his bank wants young innovators to be given the platform to display various skills, because the exploited ideas will not only help the banking sector but also the country.

“This is more reason this year apart from supporting them, we thought of awarding them’’ Kawawa said

In his remarks, Ictam presdent, Bram Fudzulani said the conference was important because it gives them a good platform to share skill, experiences and ideas.

“This gathering is also pertinent because this is where we parade young innovators in the country to showcase their skills to business gurus from both public and private sector, thereby marketing them.’’ He said

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During the conference, Pilirani Kumasewera emerged the overall winner for pitching Padziwe Online School