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NBM doles out Valentine’s Day treats to customers

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Akossa Hiwa NBM Marketing and Corporate Affairs ManagerAkossa Hiwa NBM Marketing and Corporate Affairs Manager

National Bank of Malawi (NBM) plc on Friday treated customers that took part in a social media Valentine’s promotion that run from the 5th to the 11th of February.

To gain eligibility for the promotion, customers had to register onto to NBM’s mobile banking app, Mo626 Digital + and transact, or simply transact if they had already registered. Nine winners, announced on Valentine’s treats such as full board accommodation for two at a hotel of their choice (two couples), dinner for two (two couples) and Gift Hampers (5 couples).

NBM plc Marketing and Corporate Affairs Manager Akossa Hiwa said the promotion was an amalgamation of two of the Bank’s objectives of being customer centric and enhancing customer experience through digitization of processes and products.

“Our customers were delighted when we called to tell them the news and that in itself made the promotion worth it, because they are in fact the sole reason that we exist and thrive. Added to this, an analysis of the figures against previous trends shows a satisfactory increase in the number of registrations, number of transactions as well as transactional values.”

“We hope that new recruits will embrace the convenience of banking through the mobile app on which they can ably manage multiple accounts, make bill payments and air time top-ups, transfer funds to other accounts and wallets as well as access full statements,” said Hiwa.

The top four winners in the promotion are: Matthew Bottoman and Felix Raphael Banda (full board accommodation), Jimmy Vinthu Changa and Adrew Kayuni (dinner for two).

“We want to encourage our customers to continue using our digital platforms which also include our recently upgraded internet banking called BankNet360. These platforms are convenient and secure,” said Hiwa.

One of the winners for the dinner, Kayuni said in an interview that NBM plc made his Valentine night a day to remember.

“It was fantastic and we really enjoyed the dinner with my spouse. We went to Ryalls Hotel and I thank NBM plc for this treat,” said Kayuni.

By Mc Donald Chapalapata, a Contributor



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