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Piksy, NBM plc Bring Smiles to the Bank

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Urban music artist Piksy on Friday afternoon made a surprise appearance and delivered a catchy performance at the National Bank of Malawi plc’s twin towers head office in Blantyre.

The performance was part of the listed bank’s Unlock Your Potential campaign, which is a response to the global coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. The initiative aims at harnessing the positives and opportunities people can attain during this time.

Elegantly dressed to suit the corporate atmosphere offered by the immaculate banking hall, Piksy started his performance with his 2018 hit Umakwana which immediately transformed the mood of NBM staff and customers who were present in the Henderson Street Service centre.

As usual, the artist relied on the magic hands of guitarist Marko Kamba who helped him deliver a smart and simple performance.

Inline with the theme, the artist then performed his new Covid-19 single Osaopa which focuses on the brighter side of the pandemic.

His short performance was completed by dishing out some of his most loved songs such as Uncle Short One, Chonchobe and Angozo.

In a post-performance interview, Piksy commended NBM plc for the initiative: “It is clear that this disease has dampened the mood in so many people’s lives, including us artists. But we should not allow it to be all gloom and doom. It is important for us to remain positive.”

NBM plc Marketing and Corporate Affairs manager Akossah Hiwa said the Unlock Your Potential campaign, launched last week, is urging people to focus on the positive side during the Covid-19.

She said: “There is a lot of uncertainty as businesses are failing, work has slowed down and there is general anxiety among the people. As a bank, we are choosing to look at the positives because every situation presents an opportunity for growth.

“So, we are saying that people should use this time to go on a path of self-improvement and growth in terms of their careers, businesses and personal lives.”

Hiwa said their plan is to first of all help their customers and Malawians at large to focus on the positive aspects and not to be disappointed with what is going on.

“The artist did just that for our customers in the banking hall. He made them smile, dance, laugh and forget the present scenario for a moment,” said Hiwa.

Hiwa said by engaging Piksy, it is also one of their reactions to the plight  many artists in Malawi are facing due to their inactivity following social distancing measures that were effected in response to the pandemic.

She said: “We are going to premiere the video of this performance on our Facebook page so that we can also reach out to our customers as part of encouraging them to stay home during this time.”



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