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National Bank advances digital innovations

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Head of Digital Financial Services (DFS) William KaundaHead of Digital Financial Services (DFS) William Kaunda

As the world moves to digital transactions to sustain daily businesses amid Covid restrictions, National Bank has promised to continue exciting its customers with digital innovations that make banking seamless and convenient.

The bank has digital banking platforms such as Mo626 Ice and Mo626Digital+ on top of Banknet360 and contactless transactions.

Speaking in an interview, the bank’s Head of Digital Financial Services (DFS) William Kaunda said when the pandemic hit, the Bank was fully prepared to help people transact while at the comfort of their homes.

He added that people have taken to the Bank’s Digital banking channels as evidenced by the ever-increasing number of digital transactions on the available platforms.

“Before the pandemic hit, we were already at the forefront providing digital banking and so  our customers had already began to embrace the concept of digital – it was not a foreign concept to them, ,” he said.

Kaunda added that figures show that 91 percent of their transactions are done on digital platforms which shows the trust that the customers have in their platforms.

He went further to say that digital banking has helped a lot in financial inclusion because everyone can transact, as long as they have a mobile gadget.

“We focused in rural areas as well and the transactions have grown significantly which means that customers who could not travel to access banking services are able to access the service right at their fingertips,” he added.

Using the Bank’s platforms, customers are able to send money to NBM plc and non NBM plc bank accounts, push money to mobile wallets, effect cardless, pay utility bills, buy credit and buy electricity units among others.




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