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NBM introduces Chatbot ‘Molly’ to improve customer service

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Mijiga-Molly will instantly respond to issuesMijiga-Molly will instantly respond to issues

National Bank of Malawi (NBM) plc has automated its WhatsApp platform into an artificial intelligent robot (Chatbot) called ‘Molly’ as one way of enhancing customer experience.

NBM plc Head of Client Coverage Wilkins Mijiga said Molly will essentially replace the Bank’s current WhatsApp platform on number +265212831485.

“Molly will instantly respond to issues raised on WhatsApp, analyze and automatically resolve issues and also automatically escalate issues to other units within the Bank if they require other such intervention,” said Mijiga of the innovation.

He said ‘Molly’ will be accessible on +265880006262 but said the Bank’s WhatsApp number +265212831485 will still be in use for the time being to cater for functions not available on Molly.  

For customers to access to Molly, they need to initiate a dialogue by sending ‘Hi’ through WhatsApp number +265880006262, For first time users Molly will request that they share their name.

“Customers will then receive another message to prompt them to register through a link. Molly will collect the information through the registration process before allowing the customer to proceed.”

“After a successful registration, the customer has latitude to log in issues the resolution of which will either be instant, depending on the level of complexity of the issue, or take the resolution period in accordance with the Bank’s Service Charter. When the issue has been resolved and subsequently closed, Molly will dutifully inform the customer,” explained Mijiga.

Reacting to the innovation, ICT Association of Malawi (ICTAM) president Bram Fudzulani welcomed the initiative saying it is progressive, timely and in synch with the dynamic technology space of the digital economy.

“We welcome this innovation because it is very progressive and one of a kind in Malawi, pertinently in the era of Covid-19 pandemic where services are going digital. NBM plc has set the right tone for the industry by automating its services including resolving issues through this Chatbot, which will result in improving customer service. This is commendable,” said Fudzulani.



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