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Mission Statement

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Student Serve Account

Who is a Student Serve Account for?

This account is for students who are pursuing academic professions in various Universities and colleges or professional studies in various Institutions.
The account is converted to a normal savings account, special saver account or current account depending on the customer’s choice once he/she starts working after completing studies.


What are the benefits?

The account helps students understand the Banking world while at the same time realizing their financial dreams.
The account enables parents or guardians to remit/transfer money to the students account easily, quickly and reliably through the Banks country wide network.

Students will use the accounts for:

  • Safe keeping of their money
  • Easy mobile top ups (Mo626Ice)
  • Using Visa cards for purchasing goods and services where Point Of Sale machines are located without the hustle of carrying cash which is risky.

What is the cost?

  • There is no cost associated with the account.
  • VISA cards are provided free of charge to enable students do banking at times convenient to them.

Requirement for Opening an Account as per KYC:

  • Utility Bill: Water or Electricity or City Rates.
  • Sketch map of one’s place of residence.
  • Two referees (NBM account holders) or letter from employer
  • Valid ID.


Student Save Account Opening Form